What are schools looking for in an applicant? Lelaine has been asked this question thousands of times during her tenure as Assistant and Acting Director of Admission and Financial Aid at Northwestern University School of Law (now Northwestern Pritzker School of Law). As a former insider, Lelaine knows the difference between what schools state, officially, and what they mean, really. 


Lelaine has evaluated thousands of applications and conducted hundreds of interviews. Thin-slicing among similarly accomplished, admissible applicants, Lelaine honed her evaluative skills and instincts. She also refined her resume writing and interview skills as a recruiter with an information technology recruiting company.


Through her experiences, Lelaine learned to identify the "hidden stars"--applicants whose test scores and GPAs did not fully capture their stellar personal qualities. Lelaine has a knack for identifying the unique qualities in students and bringing them to the fore. 


Lelaine launched her private educational consulting service in 2014 to share in-the-trenches knowledge about admissions. Lelaine works with high schools students and law school applicants throughout the U.S. and internationally.  She also volunteers her services to military service members and veterans. 


As well as working one-on-one with students, Lelaine presents frequently to groups about college admissions trends and application tips. She has addressed groups of 5 to more than 50, from parents’ coffee and cocktail hours, school alumni groups and boards, to community organizations and sports teams. 


Raised by a well-meaning “Tiger Mom,” Lelaine vowed not to be one to her children. While her standards were high, she tried not to add to the pressures of high school. Lelaine brings the same high standards and supportive attitude to her consulting practice.


Lelaine received her undergraduate and law degrees from Northwestern University, and is a member of the Illinois Bar. She and her husband live in a north shore suburb of Chicago, where they raised their two sons. 

Presentation to RedStar Fencing Club, Chicago

...insightful questions and spot-on intuition...

Lelaine made the long, complex and potentially overwhelming application process feel tidy, simple, and absolutely achievable.  She has a remarkable ability to communicate with authority and immense intelligence, yet she imbues her words with such thoughtful kindness that she instantly assuaged my concerns about the complexities of the applications, thus making me feel confident and self-assured.


Lelaine is one of the most generous, caring, intelligent and thoughtful people with whom I have ever had the pleasure of working. I would recommend her to anyone applying for admission to top academic programs, or even to someone simply trying to determine what it is they are seeking as they consider their future, regardless of their field.  

- Applicant

...felt less stressed....  

"As we left your house [S] remarked, "Ms. Paik really gets it and understands".


He felt less stressed.

Thank you and trust this will be a tremendous journey for [S]. You really connected!"

- Parent

...connects with people...

Lelaine Paik exudes confidence and passion about her chosen profession. I had the privilege of seeing her talk with a group of rising high school seniors about the application and interview process and Lelaine reached them. They started asking questions and started to realize the important point she was stressing to them: "Everyone has a story to tell. Tell your story."


Lelaine connects with people and they know they have a professional by their side who will guide them through the often confusing and intimidating college entrance process.


Gail H. Sheldon

Executive Director

One-to-One Learning Center

...depth and breadth of knowledge...

Lelaine's biggest strength is her ability to relate to and work with not only her students but also their parents. Lelaine successfully guides and encourages students through the daunting college application process while also effectively managing the parents' expectations and fears. The depth and breadth of knowledge, combined with her ability to simplify each step, really helps alleviate the stress of the college application process.


- Parent

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